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or illegal detention with Marocchi Law compensation experts

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    Have you been unlawfully detained,
    treated inhumanely in detention
    or falsely arrested?

    At Marocchi Law our compensation experts can help you lodge claims against the institutions that unlawfully or wrongfully detained you. 

    As leading compensation lawyers we have years of experience representing victims of institutional abuse and wrongful detention, and can help you receive the compensation and justice you deserve.

    Have you been treated inhumanely while in a detention setting?

    Are you a refugee or asylum seeker who has been unlawfully detained?

    Were you unlawfully imprisoned?

    Have you been falsely detained or arrested?

    These experiences can have severe consequences for your reputation, and more importantly on your mental, financial and physical wellbeing.

    Compensation can help you access support services and cover any financial loss you have incurred and physical or psychological injuries you’ve experienced.

    We fight for the rights of refugees who have been illegally detained

    Our team are experienced in gaining compensation for refugees who have had their rights violated through unlawful detention. Refugees are highly vulnerable for a multitude of reasons and often are not treated with the respect, dignity and lawful duty of care they deserve.
    With Marocchi Law you will receive the support you need and deserve to reclaim lost costs and access services for your healing.

    Marocchi Law offers:

    • Caring, compassionate team of experts
    • Translators who speak and support you in your preferred language
    • Commitment to ensuring you are supported every step of the way and have a thorough understanding of the claims process


    We can represent you if you’ve been wrongfully detained or arrested

    If you have been intentionally restricted or confined by a police officer, security guard, border force officer, defence personnel or similar you may have been the victim of false imprisonment or wrongful detention.

    If you have been convicted of a crime and have been imprisoned beyond your sentence you may also be eligible to claim compensation for wrongful imprisonment.

    Our team at Marocchi Law have successfully represented clients who have been wrongfully detained, so they can reclaim financial loss and gain access to support to heal psychological and physical injuries.

    If you have suffered neglect, assault or abuse in detention you may be eligible to claim compensation for inhumane treatment.

    If you are detained in any capacity you retain the right to be treated fairly and humanely. If you have experienced abuse, violence, neglect or assault in detention we can help you claim compensation for the harm you have sustained.

    We are here to support you with compassion and care

    At Marocchi Law we are deeply committed to providing excellent support and expertise, and ensuring you receive the justice you deserve.

    With our firm you can expect:

    • No-win-no-fee services – no out of pocket costs
    • Compassionate team sensitive to the experiences of abuse and assault victims
    • Flexible contact arrangements – we can travel to you
    • Accessible language support

    If you’re ready to lodge a claim or would like to talk to our team to see if you have a case call us on 1300 727 266 or contact us for an obligation free consultation with a compensation expert.

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    Our team, with over 30 years of experience, is committed to providing clear and effective legal support.

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