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    Wrongful Arrest

    Wrongful arrest is when you have been arrested or taken into police custody without a valid reason. There must be certain criteria met before police may lawfully arrest someone, even if they have committed an offence. These claims are usually lodged when you have been arrested or detained for an offence that would normally be dealt with by way of a Court Attendance Notice. Even if you are guilty of the offence, if the correct procedures were not followed, you may be entitled to a wrongful arrest claim.

    When Are You Eligible for Compensation?

    There are a few situations where you may be eligible for compensation following acquittal for charges that relate to:

    • Resisting arrest
    • Police hindrance
    • Assaulting police for acting outside their duties

    Not sure what to do or where to turn to for help?

    At Marocchi Law we have a number of experienced and knowledgeable lawyers who can assist you with a wrongful arrest compensation claim. It is always best to discuss these matters with a professional to ensure you have the understanding of your arrest and to ensure you understand your rights, and collect all information you need to make your wrongful arrest claim.

    What Can We Help You With?

    Marocchi Law can assist you with a number of wrongful arrest circumstances, including:

    • Arrested for possession for carrying a small amount of a prohibited drug
    • Acquittal of an offence that was not properly investigated before you were arrested
    • Being called to the police station to provide information and being arrested while there
    • Being arrested when you should have been sent a Court Attendance Notice
    • Handled with excessive force during an otherwise lawful arrest

    When you’ve been arrested unlawfully, you need to ensure you receive the correct information from the start. Contact Marocchi Law to discuss your case, how we can help and any possible compensation that may arise from your case.

    Trusted Legal Advice

    With over 30 years of legal expertise, and professional and experienced lawyers on board, Marocchi Law can assist you with a range of legal matters. Our team are by your side when you need legal assistance, working to ensure the best outcome for you.

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