Australian healthcare workers are contesting mandatory COVID-19 vaccination orders handed down by employers, who are threatening hefty $20,000 fines and loss of employment for those who refuse.

In response to low vaccine consent rates, the WA Department of Health ordered compulsory vaccination for the entire Western Australian healthcare workforce. Despite growing concerns around the risks and side effects of both Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines, healthcare workers of all ages are being forced to comply with no consideration given to individual health concerns.

Over 600 registered nurses will rally in Perth this week, fighting for women’s rights and freedom of choice. Over 500 of these nurses appealed for support from the Australian Nurses Federation union, however not a single response was given, forcing them to band together and seek legal action.

A large number of nurses in Australia are female, many with plans to start having families. The vaccines currently available in Australia are reported to have adverse reactions, particularly in regards to female fertility.

One registered nurse in Western Australia, who is currently trying to conceive, has expressed her concerns about the lack of evidence to show how the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines will affect her body and her family in the future.

She has issued a strong case stating that her pre-existing medical conditions and family history of heart disease could be amplified from the vaccine, and her efforts to fall pregnant will be impacted as a result.

The nurses rallying for their rights are not refusing the COVID-19 vaccination entirely, but are rather fighting for the freedom to choose which vaccine they receive. With the NovaVax and other non-mRNA gene altering therapy injections on the horizon, these women are pleading for patience.

The Government’s prompt rollout of the vaccine is a result of parliamentary failure in the early stages of the country’s current Delta Variant breakout. The result of this is a breach of human rights and total disregard for informed consent.

Marocchi Law is investigating a class action contesting the validity of the compulsory vaccination orders in respect of Western Australian healthcare workers. We are confident this case will be overturned and the healthcare workers affected will be compensated for all unnecessary damages caused.

These frontline workers are victims of politics and business, and are entitled to legal and public rights, under the State and Federal Constitution.

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