There is no doubt that road crashes have devastating effects on Australia – the cost of crashes is estimated to be $27 billion a year, not to mention the significant social ramifications of these accidents. With all the travelling and festivities that occur during the Christmas holidays, accidents, and even fatalities, become even more problematicduring this time of year.

In this blog, we examine three ways in which road accidents can be prevented during this holiday season so that you can rest easy during your time off.

Check your speed

Christmas and the new year are undoubtedly a busy time of year. Dozens of appointments and family gatherings make squeezing everything in very difficult a lot of the time, so there can be a great temptation to rush about, and speed if you feel it’s necessary. This is very well demonstrated by double demerit points being introduced during the busiest holiday periods of the year.

This period is by far the worst time to do so, as there are hundreds of other drivers on the road doing the exact same thing as you – they’re rushing to the shops to get a last-minute present, or are late for a big family lunch. When this kind of group chaos occurs on the roads, there is understandably an increase in accidents. To avoid any kind of potential for crashes, make sure to slow down.

Regularly rest up

When travelling long distances, particularly if driving interstate to see family, there are undoubtedly moments where fatigue hits. The long, featureless roads typical to the highway can lull you into a hypnotic trance with enough distance travelled, and it’s all too easy to close your eyes for just a moment too long.

Thankfully, there are many dedicated stops around New South Wales that are designed to prevent this from occurring. Driver revive sites throughout the state are well demonstrated in this excellent map, so if you think you need a little rest while driving, make sure to find one of the more than 80 driver revive sites located around the state.

Think before you drink

After a boozy Christmas lunch, it can be tempting to drive the short trip back home to have a well-deserved nap. Even if you believe you haven’t consumed much alcohol, it doesn’t take very much to impair judgement.

Sobering up takes a lot longer than you might think, so a big lunch might not make up for the several wines, beers or champagnes you might have consumed while overcome with Christmas spirit. Coffee and water won’t be able to sober you up. Instead, it takes time – in this instance several hours per drink consumed, so it’s best to plan your way home and get a cab or Uber back home to nap it off if you think you might want to have a few drinks with lunch.

If you have any more questions about road safety during the holiday season, or have any queries related to motor accidents, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Paramount today.

Be safe, and be merry during the2017/2018 holiday season!

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