The Kings Cross police are at it again. Officers conducted another illegal strip search on an innocent man. As Australia’s leading firm for damages compensation for illegal searches, Marocchi Law are the victims first choice for representation.

The Claimant was on a night out with friends on Sunday 24 November 2019 when he was stopped on Pennys Lane in Potts Point by police in an alley while on his way to a nearby club.

Police alleged they witnessed the Claimant interact and “touch hands for a short moment in a manner which was consistent with a drug transaction”.

What they had in fact witnessed was the Claimant greeting a friend he had run into on his way to a nightclub. After confronting and questioning the Claimant on his activities police, unsatisfied with his response initiated a search.

The police report from the evening claims the Claimant refused to comply with search requests and acted in an intimidating and aggressive manner. However, a request for the release of footage of the incident collected by police Body Camera’s was denied by NSW Police Command citing releasing the footage would be in breach the Surveillance Devices Act 2007 (SDA Act).

The Claimant was physically mishandled by police, handcuffed, and forced to the ground. The ensuing physical search resulted in no drugs or illicit items being found on his possession.

After being released from the ground police went on to arrest the Claimant for use of offensive language. After being forced into the rear of a caged police vehicle the Claimant was taken to the Kings Cross Police Station and introduced to the Custody Manager.

It was then the Claimant was taken to a search room and subjected to an illegal strip search.

Paramount will be acting on behalf of the Claimant for damages for the illegal search and wrongful arrest.

Paramount successfully exposed the failings of Kings Cross Police in the case of Attalla vs State of NSW.

Mr Attalla specifically instructed Paramount for their skill and expertise in the area of law. Mr Attalla was awarded more than $112k plus costs by the courts for the King Cross Police illegal strip search and wrongful arrest.,

Will the Kings Cross Police ever learn? One thing is for certain, Paramount is ready and waiting for when they step out of line again.

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