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Our Principal Solicitor, Laura, gained admission to the Supreme Court of New South Wales in 2015. Laura’s expertise lies in a comprehensive array of family law matters, and she possesses extensive experience in handling intricate financial cases involving companies, trusts, multiple parties, asset dissipation, valuation disputes, jurisdictional matters, and threshold issues. She has successfully managed complex parenting cases, dealing with children who have special needs, issues related to drug and alcohol abuse, family violence, and mental health.

Laura is a distinguished member of various legal panels and organizations, including the Law Society of New South Wales, Legal Aid NSW Family Law Panel, Legal Aid NSW Domestic Violence Panel. Beyond her family law specialization, Laura excels in other practice areas, such as estate planning, administration, criminal law, civil litigation, and personal injury. Her role as an Independent Review Officer lawyer has seen her contribute to numerous successful personal injury cases, including those related to institutional abuse.

Laura is highly regarded by both her clients and peers for her empathetic and approachable style of practice. She is known for swiftly addressing key issues and empowering her clients to take control of their future. Laura’s primary focus is on resolving matters outside of the courtroom whenever feasible, ensuring a client-centric approach to legal representation.

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