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    We know that you’ve put in the hard work associated with immigrating to Australia. Although obtaining a visa is but a minor part of the entire process, it is an extremely important part that you do not want to get wrong. It is worthwhile having your visa application assessed and lodged by an experienced migration agent for your best chance of approval.

    Marocchi Law can assist in a number of areas around immigration including assessment and lodgment of immigration documents, consulting and appeals. Australian immigration law is complex and at times, confusing, so if you’re planning on immigrating to, and permanently staying in Australia, it is important to have an experienced team supporting you.

    Immigration Services Offered

    Marocchi Law offer a range of immigration services including:

    • Work visas/sponsored migration
    • Business visas
    • Family and spouse visas
    • Visa cancellations and reviews
    • Skilled visas
    • Tribunal Representation

    Living in Australia is a lifestyle many around the world aim for, so we understand why you want to migrate permanently to share in our country. Government application and processing fees for visas are high and often non refundable, so you don’t want to leave your application to chance. Talk to us at Marocchi Law and find out how we can assist in your immigration application.

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    Our team, with over 30 years of experience, is committed to providing clear and effective legal support.

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