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On Friday, 21 August 2020 His Honour Nielson J awarded the Plaintiff a total sum of $175,983.25 for injuries he suffered in a motor vehicle accident on the morning of Monday, 29 May 2017.

Mr Formosa, 39 years of age, was travelling in his motor vehicle when Ms Sophia Callas, aged 20, collided violently into the rear of Mr Formosa’s vehicle.

Callas, who was 17 at the time, and disputed the Plaintiff’s version, was on her way to school speeding in a black Mercedes Benz S350 when she tried to overtake Formosa, slamming into the right-hand side of his Daihatsu Feroza.

Despite the obvious sequence of events, Callas tried to claim Formosa was at fault, and on 7 September 2017, her insurer denied liability for the Plaintiff’s claim for loss of income, damages and future treatment.

As a result, Paramount had to litigate and run the case in court.

The complete judgment can be found on Marocchi Law’ website. The judgment is a tribute to the firm’s speciality in the area of law in litigation in the state of New South Wales and Australia generally.

Formosa began to feel pain in his shoulder shortly after the accident and sought medical attention that day. He sought medical attention on the day of the accident, with his physician Dr Tringalinoting Formosa has suffered “shock, cervical pain, interscapular, radiating down the right upper limb, right shoulder pain, right elbow pain, back pain and right hip pain.”

Over the coming months, Formosa’s pain persisted and in some case worsened, and still caused suffering at the time of the hearing in August 2020. Over the past three years’ Formosa has lost considerable income due to time off work to receive treatment and heal.

Despite Callas’ legal team doing their best to refute the claim and uphold the insurers claim rejection, Formosa was awarded damages for past, and future economic loss, past and future care, past and future treatment costs and future Super Annulation costs to the total of $175,983.25.

In winning the significant and vehemently refuted case Marocchi Law prove once again they are Australia’s leader in personal injury motor vehicle accident compensation claims.

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