We’re always happy when there is good news for our clients, and the recent amendments to the workers compensation law offer hope. The Government has made the a number of amendments law, taking effect as of 16 October 2016:

1. New increased death and funeral benefits apply for workers dying on or after 5 August 2015, irrespective of the date of injury.

2. An increased lump sum for permanent impairment applies to injuries occurring on or after 16 October 2015.

3. Workers injured after 1 October 2012, are entitled to weekly payments for up to a year after retiring age.

4. No time limit applies to medical expenses for the provision of artificial members, eyes, teeth, aids, spectacles and crutches, as well as modifications to their vehicles or homes.

5. No time limit applies to secondary surgery, provided it is directly consequential to the earlier surgery and affects part of the body that was affected by earlier surgery, which was approved by the insurer within 2 years of the primary surgery. Also, the time limit can be extended, should a dispute arise within the same period of two years.

Am I Entitled to Workers Compensation?

If you have been injured at, or on your way to work, and suffered pain, disease, loss of wages or quality of life as the result, you may be entitled to workers compensation.

Remember that time limits do apply to filing your claim, so please notify your company’s HR department as soon as you become aware of the injury or disease. Your employer will have to follow certain processes, and they may make a settlement offer. We would like to encourage you to see a specialist in workers compensation law before you accept any offers, however.

Workers compensation law is an intricate area, and the costs are much more involved than just your current medical costs. There is also the past and future costs, loss of wages, out-of-pocket costs for modifications to your home and car, and the costs of loss of quality of life. These costs will be considered by professionals who have significant experience in assessing such injuries and costs. Get in touch with Marocchi Law and know that you receive your full entitlement to workers compensation.

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